Bhagya Lakshmi 8th June 2023 Written Update Rishmi moment. Virender and Neelam welcome the guests to Lakshmi’s engagement function. The guests sing the praise of the Oberoi family, who hold amazing values. Dadi praises Lakshmi who has taken care of them and did a lot for them, much more than a daughter does for her family. Virender tells that the relations made by the heart are much stronger than blood ties. They love Lakshmi a lot and want the best for her. Shalu and Bani arrive and greet them. Shalu tells that Rano and Neha are coming. She adds that they aren’t okay because they can’t see Lakshmi’s marriage with Vikrant. Kiran and Karishma are glad to get rid of Lakshmi. They hate Lakshmi and want her to leave at the earliest.

Rishi meets Lakshmi and tells her that she looks very pretty. He applies the kajal to her. Shalu and Bani find them together and say that they love each other and they must realize this soon. Lakshmi asks Rishi to go before anyone sees him with her. Rishi asks her if the reason is something else. He agrees to leave. He tells her that she will be going away from him, and getting married to Vikrant. He wants to tell her that he loves her a lot and wants her happiness. He feels he should stop her back and live his life with her, he wants to give her happiness and be with her forever. Lakshmi knows that fate can’t change.

He questions his bad fate. Ayush makes plans to stop the engagement. He wishes Shalu and Bani were with him. Shalu and Bani come to meet him. He gets surprised and calls it a miracle. He tells that he has made plans to stop the engagement. He compliments Shalu. He asks her to select the plan which they will execute. He tells that the engagement will break and the marriage will stop. He gives them big hopes. Vikrant thinks of his lover. Anjana tells that Saloni is sensible and she will be there on time. Shalu asks Ayush if the plan is sureshot. Ayush asks her not to get negative. He makes Bani pick a chit. Bani reads the chit and says they shall kidnap Vikrant. Shalu doesn’t like the plan.

She asks Bani to read the second chit. She tells that they shall kidnap Lakshmi. Ayush tells that it’s the best plan. Shalu asks what is his third plan. She reads the chit, that’s to kidnap Shalu. She scolds him and tells him that he can’t kidnap her. Ayush tells that he doesn’t need to kidnap her because she will come with him if he tells her with love. They dislike the kidnapping plans. She tells that they have to call off the engagement. He asks her if she has any plans. She tells that she has a big plan, when Vikrant comes with his family, they will plan a bad omen and ask the family to call off the engagement


Ayush tells that it’s a bad idea. He tells that she looks so beautiful. Bani tells that they have to make some good plans to stop the marriage. She asks them to remember, Rishi and Lakshmi love each other a lot and they shall unite them. Lakshmi gets sad seeing her mangalsutra. Bani meets her. Lakshmi asks her about Shalu. Bani tells that Shalu is with Ayush. Lakshmi reminds the promise and asks them not to stop the marriage. Bani tells that she has promised their dad to take care of their happiness. Neelam tells Karishma that Lakshmi didn’t face any threat. Karishma tells that maybe the kitchen incident was it

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Rishi wants to stay alert and protect Lakshmi. She tells Neelam that she had added a sleeping pill to the juice drink, and Rishi will fall asleep till the day ends. Sonia gets the juice drink for Rishi. She tells that she just came to give him company, knowing he will be sad when Lakshmi is leaving the house. Karishma tells Neelam that she didn’t tell the entire matter to Sonia. She is sure that Sonia will execute their plan because she hates Lakshmi. She asks Neelam to relax, Rishi is safe. Sonia tells Rishi that he loves Malishka and he has to marry her, he shouldn’t keep guilt when Lakshmi is marrying a nice guy.

She asks him to give love to Malishka because he unknowingly hurts her a lot. Rishi drinks the juice and feels sleepy. He recalls his love for Lakshmi. Sonia sees Ayush and Shalu. She asks them what are they doing. Ayush tells that they have some work. She asks Shalu if she is planning to enter their house. Shalu tells that she isn’t interested in Ayush. Ayush tells that they won’t ask Sonia if they get any interest. He asks Sonia to leave. Sonia gets angry and tells that he has become Lakshmi’s puppet. She knows he is planning to stop Vikrant and Lakshmi’s engagement. She adds that even Rishi can’t stop the engagement.

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