Bhagya Lakshmi 5th June 2023 Written Update Vikrant’s truth. Rishi meets Vikrant at the house. He tells that he got the wrong address and came to meet Mr. Bansal, he had sent Ayush to meet him, but they are confused about the wrong address. He asks Vikrant about his house. Ayush finds an old lady there and thinks about where did Vikrant’s lover go. The lady shouts and runs to Vikrant. Shalu goes to see who is inside the washroom. She sees an old man and apologizes. She leaves there. Rishi asks Vikrant if the house belongs to him. Vikrant tells that the house belongs to his staff member. He asks the old lady not to worry because Rishi is also like family. He lies to Rishi about his staff member Mahesh and his wife Sudha.

He tells that he helps the old couple and pays for their loyalty. Shalu signs Ayush that she didn’t find anyone inside. Vikrant asks Rishi if his confusion got cleared. Rishi tells that Mr. Bansal fooled them by giving them the wrong address, and now their misunderstanding got cleared. Vikrant tells that they should have asked him before. Rishi apologizes to him. He tells them that they shall leave now. He asks Vikrant to take care. Sudha asks Vikrant why did they come here. Vikrant thanks her for telling him at the right time. He wonders why did they come here. He recalls Sudha coming from the back door and alerting him of Rishi, Ayush, and Shalu.

He sends off his lover from the back door, and attends Rishi. He doesn’t want anyone to know his truth. Bani calls up Lakshmi and asks her about the jewelry store visit. Lakshmi doesn’t tell about Rishi. She asks her to call Vikrant her Jiju. Bani doesn’t want to tell Lakshmi about Rishi’s interest in stopping the marriage. Lakshmi asks her not to plan anything to stop the marriage. She reminds the promise. Bani doesn’t want Lakshmi to get any hint of Rishi’s plans. Lakshmi worries that Rishi does silly things and invites trouble for them. Rishi, Ayush, and Shalu stop midway. Ayush fears Rishi’s anger.

He tells that Rishi will scold them a lot. Rishi gets angry at them. Shalu tells that Vikrant has an affair. Ayush tells that Vikrant is cheating them, he is a big liar and fooling everyone. Vikrant shows his true face. He doesn’t want Rishi and the gang to do anything against him. Ayush tells Rishi that Vikrant is a fake person. Rishi doesn’t believe him. Shalu tells that they know the truth, Vikrant isn’t a nice person and they have seen his truth in their eyes. She asks Rishi to believe them. Rishi asks her to act sensible. He tells that she didn’t get anything to prove her word right. He asks her not to say a word against Vikrant. He knows that they don’t want Lakshmi and Vikrant’s marriage to happen.

He feels terrible that they are insulting an honest man. Ayush tells him that Shalu and he have seen Vikrant with that girl. Rishi doesn’t want to know anything else. He tells that Vikrant will feel bad if he knows they are doubting him. Ayush tells that Vikrant has made the girl leave. He has no proof. Rishi asks him where did the girl disappear. He asks why didn’t he make a video or click a picture. Rishi asks him to just shut up. He believes Vikrant. He tells that he wants to see Lakshmi happy and that he will get her married to Vikrant. Vikrant vents his anger.

He wants to stay calm and composed in front of everyone so that he wins. Lakshmi goes to meet Rishi. Rishi asks Ayush and Shalu to sit in the car. He assures that he won’t tell anything to Lakshmi. Ayush holds Shalu’s hand and consoles her. Rishi looks at them and tells them that their relationship is strong, unique, and good. He likes the way they care for Lakshmi. He asks them to clear their misunderstanding. Shalu tells that Lakshmi won’t stay happy with Vikrant. Rishi guarantees that she will be happy with Vikrant. Lakshmi calls Shalu and asks her if she didn’t reach home. Shalu tells that she will reach in some time.

Lakshmi asks if Rishi spoke to her before coming to the jewelry store. Shalu lies to her. Lakshmi asks her to just say the truth. Shalu tells that she didn’t tell anything to Rishi. She informs that Ayush is going to drop her home. Ayush tells that Rishi and Lakshmi are the same, but they don’t understand it. Shalu tells that Vikrant might tell Lakshmi that they came to his house. Rishi tells that he will tell Vikrant not to disclose the matter to anyone. Vikrant calls Lakshmi and tells that he has to ask her something. Lakshmi seems worried about learning the matter

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