Bhagya Lakshmi 25th June 2023 Written Update Rishi’s plan. Neha tells that Lakshmi is in love with Rishi. Lakshmi asks Neha what is she saying. Neha tells that it’s true. Lakshmi scolds her and calls her wrong. She doesn’t want to listen to them. Rano asks Karishma about Vikrant and his family. Karishma tells that they will be coming. Rishi asks her why did she invite fraud, Vikrant. He tells that Vikrant is playing with Lakshmi’s life. He doesn’t want Vikrant’s presence in the puja. Neelam asks Rishi to leave. Rano asks if Rishi wants to ruin Lakshmi’s happiness. Lakshmi tells that Rishi wants to ruin everyone’s happiness. Rishi feels hurt. Neelam asks Rishi to go away and not spoil things. Vikrant arrives with his family. He asks Rishi if is everything okay. Rishi doesn’t answer him and leaves

Vikrant greets Lakshmi. He asks her if Rishi is upset with his arrival. Karishma tells that everything is okay. Vikrant tells that Rishi got enmity with him. He hopes that Rishi’s mind gets cleared. Rano asks about his dad Puneet. Neha surprises Ayush. Shalu and Bani watch their drama. Neha flirts with Ayush. Shalu gets jealous and makes them away. She angrily stares at Ayush. Ayush lies that Shalu is winking at him. Neha argues with Shalu. Bani asks them to stop joking and make a plan of exposing Vikrant’s truth. Neha tells that she is also with Ayush in his plan. Ayush tells Shalu and Bani that he didn’t forget the mission and he will succeed. He goes to find Rishi. He sees Lakshmi and Vikrant. He doesn’t want to tolerate Vikrant.

Shalu asks Rano about Rishi. Rano tells her whatever happened and why Neelam ousted Rishi. Shalu tells that Rishi was asked to leave the house. Ayush tells that Rishi did this deliberately so that he can go to Vikrant’s house and find the evidence against him. Rishi tells that he will go and bring out Vikrant’s true face. Ayush tells that he will come along with him. He tells him that Laxman will be with Ram always. Rishi and Ayush leave for Vikrant’s house to find the evidence. Lakshmi sits in the puja. Rishi and Ayush reach Vikrant’s house. Ayush meets the servant and tricks her to get an entry into the house. He fakes a call to Vikrant.

Rishi and Ayush rush to Vikrant’s room to find a clue. Rishi tells that Vikrant is already married and there would be some proof against him. Vikrant tells Neelam that she should have not sent Rishi out of the house. Malishka tells that Rishi left because of Vikrant. Vikrant asks if Rishi still doubts him. Neelam tells that it’s the first time Rishi is being stern. Malishka tells that Rishi suspects Vikrant and thinks Vikrant won’t keep Lakshmi happy. Neelam doesn’t want Vikrant and Rishi’s argument. Rishi and Ayush don’t find any proof. They continue their efforts. Shalu tells Bani that Vikrant might have left some clues because he is wrong. Ayush gets saved from the servant. He thinks to inform Rishi about the servant. Ayush drops the tea cup by mistake. The tea gets spilled over Vikrant and Saloni’s picture.

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