Bhagya Lakshmi 17th June 2023 Written Update Unstoppable. Malishka has more faith in Vikrant than Rishi. She tells Sonia and Kiran that Rishi is just wasting time, he has no evidence against Vikrant and he can never have anything because Vikrant isn’t a wrong person. She praises Vikrant. She wonders how will Rishi gather proof. Ayush tells it’s Vikrant’s last day in the house and asks him to make a last wish. Vikrant tells that he wants to kill someone. He gets angry with Ayush. Ayush hinders Vikrant from going anywhere.

Rishi gets a laptop and asks Ayush to play the CCTV footage. He tells that a video will play and they shall see the girl in it. He adds that the girl’s identity will get revealed. Vikrant asks Rishi how will he prove that the girl is his lover and he was with her. Rishi is confident and tells that they shall know it as well. Vikrant grows tense when Rishi sounds too confident to expose the truth. Rishi asks Vikrant to just wait and watch. Everyone gets eager to see who is Vikrant’s lover and if Rishi is saying the truth. Keep reading for a full written update on Bhagya Lakshmi 17th June 2023

1 Huge twist in Bhagya Lakshmi changes the track


Ranav and Bela feel love for each other. They celebrate their 3-month wedding anniversary. They have a romantic dance performance at the masquerade party. They are aware of their past identities and lives. Bela wants to help Ranav in finding the mystery attacker. Ranav wants to protect Bela. They realize that the attacker is related to Ashwat’s murder. They want to solve the mystery. Paatali and Yamini have evil plans to attack Bela. Yamini wants to remove everyone from the party and make Bela alone. She learns that Bela is a fairy. Stay tuned.


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