Bhagya Lakshmi 16th June 2023 Written Update Sly Vikrant Rishi meets the Oberois. He expects Rishi’s misunderstanding to get cleared. He tells that he wants Rishi to apologize to him and end the matter. He finds Rishi stern and thinks to speak to Lakshmi instead. He tells her that it’s their relationship, it will break or form but only affect two of them. He asks her to consider his request and not break the relationship because of a third person. He tells that he is ready to forget everything and proceed with the engagement. He doesn’t want the relationship to break because of Rishi. Anjana is excited to keep the engagement.

She asks Lakshmi to come for the engagement. Rishi gets helpless when Neelam and Virender ask him to leave. Rishi goes upstairs storming and bashing things. He tells that he will not let Lakshmi’s engagement take place, because Vikrant is the wrong person and doesn’t deserve her at all. Will Lakshmi get engaged to Vikrant? How will Ayush and Rishi prove Vikrant’s truth? Keep reading for a quick written update on Bhagya Lakshmi 16th June 2023 coming shortly

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Shiva decides to marry Arushi at any cost. He doesn’t listen to Malti. Suman enquires about Shiva. She asks Dhara to call Shiva. She asks if everything is fine. Dhara goes to see. Malti sees Shiva and Arushi going to the temple to get married. Pandit asks them to get seated in the mandap. Dhara asks Shiva how much time will he take to get ready when he knows the mahurat is passing. She wonders why isn’t he replying. She knocks on the door. She gets inside and doesn’t find him anywhere. She runs to inform the family that Shiva has escaped from the window. Suman and Raavi grow worried. Dhara gets informed by Malti Devi that Shiva and Arushi are getting married at a temple. Dhara has a last hope of Shiva’s memory coming back during the marriage rituals. Will Shiva regain his memory and remember his true love Raavi? Keep reading

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