Bhagya Lakshmi 14th June 2023 Written Update Saloni caught. Rishi tells that Vikrant is a cheat and liar. He asserts that he will not let Vikrant get married to Lakshmi at any cost. Lakshmi gets worried when Vikrant and Rishi get into a heated argument. Vikrant asks Rishi how much will he blame him. He advises Rishi to go out himself, check, and find the truth to clear his doubts. Rishi goes out to find out. Saloni gets scared seeing Ayush in front of him. Ayush turns and sees Saloni. Rishi tells Vikrant that he is glad to see everyone there and now the truth will come out. He wants to prove the truth to them. He tells the family that Vikrant is a disgusting man and doesn’t deserve Lakshmi. The drama gets on bigger. Keep reading for a full written update on Bhagya Lakshmi 14th June 2023.


Imlie questions Atharv if Chini is Kairi’s mother. Atharv falls into a big dilemma. He isn’t able to disclose the truth to Imlie, being afraid of losing Kairi forever. He conceals the truth from her. He tells her that he will get married to Chini. Chini knows that Atharv doesn’t love her. She tells that he has confessed love to her just to clear the family’s suspicion. He admits that he has done that to fool everyone. She tells that he can fool everyone, but not Kairi.

She adds that Kairi will not stop finding her mother in Imlie unless she gets her mother. She asks him to give Kairi whatever she wants. He declares that he is marrying Chini, and distributes the sweets to the family members. Chini is surprised. Imlie congratulates Atharv and Chini. She tells that one gets whatever is written in fate, and she doesn’t believe in snatching anything from others.

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