Bhagya Lakshmi 11th June 2023 Written Update Rishmi locked. Ayush tells Shalu that they have to keep an eye on Vikrant. Neha also joins hands with them. Ayush tells that they will win today. Vikrant thinks to call his lover to the room. He calls her and tells her that he got her message. He adds that he will guide her on how to come and where. Shalu and Bani think to keep an eye on the gate and find out who is meeting Vikrant. Ayush tells that they can’t know if that girl is his lover or not. He tells that they have to allow Vikrant to meet his lover, and then they will catch them red-handed. They wonder if Vikrant will meet her or go out. Ayush tells that they will keep an eye on Vikrant. Rishi and Lakshmi get into a moment. She falls and he starts laughing. She asks him if he is sleeping or acting.

She sprinkles water on him. She wonders if he has really eaten a sleeping pill. She lets him sleep. She finds the door locked. She knocks and tries to get help. She tells that the door is locked and anyone can find her with Rishi. She asks Rishi to get up. She checks the window and finds it stuck. She looks for Rishi’s phone to call someone. She thinks to wake him up somehow. She splashes water over his face. Rishi wakes up and shouts. He asks her if is she okay. She apologizes and asks him if is he okay. He tells that he doesn’t know why he was feeling sleepy. He asks what is she doing with him. She tells that they got locked in a room. He checks the door. He tells that someone locked the door from outside. She asks him to make her go out because everyone is waiting for her downstairs. She doesn’t want Oberois to lose their name. He asks her to call Ayush


She tells that she doesn’t have her phone. He looks for his phone. She tells that she isn’t foolish, and even he doesn’t have a phone. He asks why didn’t she carry her phone. She tells that he also came to the room without his phone. He asks her to give him some time to think. Virender tells Dadi that he danced just to give a gift of memories to Lakshmi. Malishka tells Neelam that Rishi went to his room. Karishma asks Neelam not to worry. She tells about Lakshmi, who went to clean her dress. Neelam tells Karishma that Rishi and Lakshmi might be together. Karishma asks her not to worry.

Vikrant thinks that he made a mistake by calling his lover. He waits for her. He tells that he will make things final and settle it. Rishi gets dizzy while opening the window. Lakshmi sprinkles more water on Rishi. He tells that the window got jammed. She tells that it’s her engagement and she has to go downstairs, else everyone will come to find her and they both will be spotted together. He asks her not to worry. He acts silly and tells that he will open the window now. He fails in opening the window. Sonia tells Malishka that Karishma has given a sleeping pill to Rishi. She adds that she has locked him in a room.

Malishka gets worried for Rishi. Virender and Dadi look for Rishi, while Vikrant’s parents look for him. Anjana tells that Saloni is just reaching. Ayush and Shalu get to see some girl coming to meet Vikrant. They rush to find the truth. Shalu tells that they will go and find who is the girl. Vikrant meets his lover, who hugs him and cries. He asks her why is she doing this when she knows he loves her a lot. He promises that he will not leave her, even after marrying Lakshmi. Ayush and Shalu think to call Rishi and Lakshmi. They tell that Rishi and Lakshmi aren’t answering. She thinks to call Virender

Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s plan

Ayush tells that they can’t involve the elders and that they have to find Rishi first. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he is tired and he can’t open the jammed window. He gets an idea. She asks him what is he doing. He tells that he is thinking something. He wants to gather energy and shout aloud to call Ayush. Lakshmi stops him from shouting, which can invite problems for them. She calls him a fool. He tells that he is trying to get help by calling Ayush. She tells that everyone will come and find them together. He agrees with her. He jokes. She asks him to stop joking and think of opening the window. She tells that she goes to the gym and looks like a hero, but he can’t even open a window. He tells that he is really the hero.

He asks her not to hurt his self-respect and not say a word more. He wants her to say sorry. She asks him to open the window. He asks where is the window. She asks him to go and pushes him. He tells that he will break the window. He opens the window and laughs. He tells that he is really a hero. She asks him to jump outside and open the door for her. He asks her to request him with love. She tells him that she will jump if he can’t. He fails to jump outside. She tells that she will try. He tells that she can’t go out. She asks him to hold her hand. He tells that he had given his hand to her, but she left him midway


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