BALH Upcoming Ram Priya contract marriage Ram and Priya meet on a coffee date. Priya shares her life experiences with Ram. She admits to her long relationship with Yuvraj. She is much hurt that Yuvraj has ditched her. She cries. Ram tells that good and bad times pass, she shouldn’t love good times much and shouldn’t fight bad times. He tells her that she will laugh recalling her life’s struggles. He explains to her that he was much poor before and used to live with his mother, he has built a huge business through his hard work and his mother was his only support, she believed in him and always encouraged him. He is marrying Priya only to save his mother’s life. He tells that he can’t imagine his life without his mother.

Priya loves Ram’s caring side and his family man persona. He tells that struggles come in their life to teach them important lessons. He has seen many bad days and just wants to live the good days. Ram and Priya talk about their dreams. He tells that he will always support her. Priya gets a big relief that Ram is so supportive. Ram is trying to become a good friend. He tells that he is ready to sign the contract on her terms, but he will add a clause, that he will carry a tissue always because she can cry anytime

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She smiles hearing his poor jokes. She starts understanding Ram. She didn’t think he is so down to earth, despite being a big business. They both agree to get married for three months. They meet a lawyer and mention their clauses to add in the contract. They keep their conditions for the contract marriage, and sign the papers. They will eventually fall in love. Keep reading.

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