Anupama New track begins Anuj Malti secret bond. Dimpy’s mother praises Anupama for supporting Dimpy and keeping a relationship with her when she wasn’t related to her. She thanks Anupama for her efforts and generosity. She tells that Anupama has accepted Dimpy and didn’t ask for anything else. Vanraj tells that they also have a daughter and value her. Dimpy’s mother asks her to remember Sasural’s big heart and love them. Leela gets into an argument with her. Samar tells that they will take care of Dimpy. Dimpy’s mother asks her to never fight anyone and stay as a daughter. She prays that Dimpy and Samar have a strong relationship of love like Anuj and Anupama. Anupama asks her to perform the kanyadaan as Dimpy’s parent. Samar and Dimpy get married.

Anupama is very happy for them. She tells them that they have got united now, and asks them to stay happy. Everyone blesses the couple and wishes them to become role models for others. Anuj remembers his moments with Anupama. He asks Samar and Dimpy to stay together and always share their feelings. He asks Dimpy not to trouble Samar. Anupama blesses them with all her heart. Paritosh and Kinjal announce a party to celebrate the marriage. Dimpy’s mother tells that she will leave now. Anupama and Vanraj ask him to stay back for Dimpy’s bidaai. Dimpy’s mother tells that she lied to her husband and came for some time, she has to go back before he learns about her visit. She hugs Dimpy. She apologizes to Anupama and makes a leave

Anupama New track begins Anuj Malti secret bond

Vanraj consoles Dimpy and asks her to be happy that her mother had come unexpectedly and performed her kanyadaan. Anupama tells Kavya that she had invited Gurumaa, but it’s too late. She gets surprised to see Malti Devi and Nakul. She shouts that her Gurumaa has come. Anupama thanks Malti and welcomes her. Anuj sees a nail in Malti’s way and stops her from stepping on it. He keeps his hand under her feet and saves her. Malti gets emotional and holds Anuj. She chooses Anupama as her heir and gives her the big responsibility of her Gurukul. Nakul gets mad in jealousy, while Anupama takes Malti’s blessings. Nakul calls it unfair and opposes it. How will Anupama find out about Malti and Anuj’s relationship? Stay tuned

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