Anupama 9th June 2023 Written Update Anuj suspects Malti. Anuj recalls Malti’s words and gets a question in his mind. He asks Anupama why did Malti react like that upon meeting him for the first time. He is perplexed. She tells that maybe Malti knows the issues they have currently or she had read about him in the newspapers. He tells that he felt Malti’s reaction wasn’t normal. She tells that Malti behaves sometimes, but she is very nice. He compliments her and wishes her to go ahead in life. He tells her that he will miss her a lot. Anupama knows it won’t be easy for them. She gets speechless and makes a leave. Anuj thinks of Malti and suspects that she is hiding something

Ankush asks him to come, they have to reveal the surprise. Nakul gets upset seeing Malti and Anupama’s bonding. Leela tells Dolly that Malti has a lot of attitudes. Dolly tells that Malti has made Anupama her heir. Leela feels Malti has trapped Anupama and given her responsibility. She asks why is Vanraj taking care of Kavya so much when he was focusing on Anupama. Dolly tells that all the couples have a smile on their face and it’s good to see them happy. Leela tells that once Dimpy comes home, the happiness will leave. Kavya thanks Vanraj and asks him not to care for her so much. He tells her that their child is his responsibility and asks her to let him take care. Anupama tells Malti that she will give medicines to Kanta and come back.

Nakul gains the courage to ask Malti about her big decision. Malti tells that she took the decision before and disclosed it today. He asks what about him, he is also capable to handle Gurukul and she didn’t choose him as the heir. He asks why did she neglect him and chooses Anupama. He adds that she is his mother and she knows him since childhood. She tells that he is like her child and also an amazing artist, but Anupama has all the capabilities to handle the Gurukul. She adds that she has seen Anupama’s talent and believes she is the best option. She tells him that he is her child and she loves him a lot. Vanraj overhears Nakul and Malti’s conversation

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Anuj and Ankush reveal the big surprise. He tells that someone is coming to double their happiness. He creates suspense while describing the celebrity coming to rock the function. He welcomes Kumar Sanu and amazes the family. Kumar Sanu arrives and sings melodious songs, that revive Anupama’s lovely memories of Anuj. Anupama likes Anuj’s surprise. Anuj tells that he used to stay depressed in Mumbai, he attended Kumar Sanu’s show by chance and his pain got away after listening to his golden voice. Dimpy thanks him for making their marriage so special. Anupama is delighted that Anuj has considered her choice. Anuj and Anupama share a moment.

Malti gets upset seeing their longing. Anuj and Anupama perform the songs, along with the other couples. Maya gets angered watching Anuj with Anupama. Anuj controls his temper and sides away. Anuj and Anupama fear Maya’s outburst and get away. Malti finds Anupama tense and asks the reason. She sees Anuj and Anupama bonding and asks her to remember that Anuj shouldn’t stop her back. She tells that the event shouldn’t get canceled. Anupama assures her that she will not disappoint her. Malti fears that Anuj will become a hurdle in Anupama’s flight

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