Anupama 6th June 2023 Written Update Malti’s surprise. Kinjal compliments Dimpy. She asks her to just become her younger sister and come home. She adds that she had become Anupama’s daughter when she joined the family. Dimpy remembers Barkha’s words. Kinjal advises Dimpy and asks her to handle the family with love. Dimpy doesn’t want to change her thinking for anyone. Leela makes Bhairavi work. Kanta stops Leela and tells her that Bhairavi is just a little girl, and childhood is to play, not to work. Anupama tells Leela that Bhairavi has much self-esteem and they shall praise her efforts. She asks Leela not to take advantage of Bhairavi’s love for them. She doesn’t want Leela to treat her as a servant. Leela asks Anupama not to get strangers home. Kanta tells that strangers are better than Leela and Vanraj

She feels Anu and Bhairavi love Anupama a lot. Leela taunts that Maya has entered Anupama’s house and made her leave her house. Kanta tells that Anupama isn’t homeless. Anupama asks Leela to enjoy the wedding. Leela tells that she doesn’t like Dimpy and is fed up with faking happiness. She calls Dimpy a destruction. She doesn’t want to tolerate her. Kanta asks her to stop the marriage if she can, or else stay happy. She asks Leela to let them stay happy. Anupama asks Leela to think good and good will happen. Leela asks if good happened with Anupama. She asks Anupama to stop the lecture. Anupama is afraid that things can get wrong

Anupama 6th June 2023 Written Update Malti’s surprise

Leela catches two women and tells everyone that they are the thieves. She tells Anuj and Vanraj that she already alerted Barkha about the thieves. She thinks the thieves have come to steal the bride’s jewelry. Anupama asks the women who are they, and why are they hiding their identities. Barkha asks her to ask them strictly. Leela tells that she will deal with the thieves. She checks their bags and finds a chunri in them. She tells that the women were fleeing with the chunri. Kanta tells that it appears like shagun items

Dimpy recognizes the chunri and bangles and hugs the woman. It gets revealed that the woman is Dimpy’s mother. Dimpy and her mother hug and cry. Anupama asks Dimpy’s mother if she was hiding from her daughter. She asks her to stay back until her daughter’s bidaai. Samar greets her and pays much respect. Leela doesn’t want Samar to become a puppet of Dimpy and her family. Anupama apologizes to Dimpy’s mother for the insult. Anuj and Vanraj also apologize. Dimpy’s mother accepts her fault for breaking the relationship with Dimpy when she needed them the most. She explains to them her emotions for Dimpy. Dimpy cries and misses her dad

Dimpy’s mother pacifies her. Leela tells that she could have come before and performed the rituals. She taunts her to teach her some manners to Dimpy. Anupama tells that little issues are there in every family. Anuj asks Anupama to rush with the rituals. Dimpy finds Leela insulting her mother and gets upset. Dimpy’s mother tells that Anupama is Dimpy’s mother in a real sense, and turns everyone emotional. Samar and Dimpy get married. Malti makes a surprising entry and meets Anuj and Anupama

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