Anupama 5th June 2023 Written Update Unexpected. Anuj finds Anupama much upset. He gets some flower petals and showers on her to make her smile. Anupama gets a smile on her face with Anuj’s gesture. He tells that the house and everything belongs to her. He asks her to remember that she owns everything that is of him. He tells that their relationship isn’t like before, but her relationship with his house is still the same. He asks her not to feel alienated. He encourages her to enter the house. They get emotional. Anupama enters the house and recalls their moments. Leela and Dolly like the decorations. They find Maya bossing around.

Leela tells that she felt like someone was hiding behind. She doesn’t get to see the person. Anupama begins to set things in the house, and pleases him. He gets glad to see this. She apologizes to him. He asks her to remember its her house. Maya reaches there and breaks their moment. She tells Anuj that pandit ji is calling him. Anuj goes away. Maya stops Anupama to taunt him. Anupama tells that she had given a fair chance to Maya, but the latter has cheated her. Maya doesn’t want to play fair. She tells that she will get Anuj and its her fate. Anupama tells that fate will change again. Maya fails in provoking Anupama.

Anupama tells that fate changes and that’s the good thing about it. She wants Maya to wait to see the consequences of her own actions. Leela comments that Anuj has spent a lot when Dimpy isn’t related to him. Dimpy gets upset. Kinjal asks Leela not to say that. Leela tells that she is praising Anuj for spending a lot on a stranger. She tells them that Anuj always gets helpless girls home and supports them. She adds that Dimpy has a good fate to get a place in Anuj’s lavish house. Vanraj asks Leela to stop it. He apologizes to them from Leela’s side. Barkha warns Dimpy that Leela will ruin her marriage. Leela gets to see few women and asks them why are they hiding from her.

The women rush away and don’t show their face. Leela goes to Barkha and informs her about the thieves breaking into the wedding. Barkha and Leela get insulting each other and argue. Pandit calls the bride and groom’s parents to do the rituals. Vanraj and Anupama go from Samar’s side. They stop the rituals and call Kavya. Anupama sides away. Vanraj and Anuj exchange the garlands as part of the rituals. Anupama tells Samar and Dimpy about the Varmala ritual. Samar and Dimpy exchange the Varmala. Anuj misses Anupama in his life. Leela finally catches the thieves and it gets revealed that its Dimpy’s family. Dimpy hugs her mother and cries. Her mother gets thankful to Anupama and Anuj for supporting Dimpy.

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