Anupama 4th April 2023 New Update New Start

Anupama 4th April 2023 New Update New Start in the written update of Anupama, Kanta informs Maya that the love between Anuj and Anupama is strong enough to withstand any challenges. Although she expresses her dissatisfaction with Anuj, Kanta firmly believes that Anuj’s love for Anupama is unwavering and that there is no one else in his heart. Kanta emphasizes that Maya can never take Anupama’s place and that Anuj and Anupama are destined to be together. Maya tries to challenge Kanta but ultimately leaves. Anuj informs Maya that he will occupy his friend’s flat and asks her to send Anu to his place. Maya is confident that Anuj will soon return to her and accept her love.

When Kanta returns home, Anupama anxiously asks about Anuj and whether he is okay. She asks Kanta to reveal whether Anuj misses her and is willing to come back. Kanta informs Anupama that Anuj refused to return and advised her not to wait for him. Anupama is shocked by this news and questions whether Kanta and Anuj are deceiving her

Anupama 4th April 2023 New Update New Start

Anupama refuses to accept Kanta’s words and denies the reality of the situation until Kanta repeats herself and helps Anupama understand. Kanta explains to Anupama that Anuj’s relationship with her is not the same anymore, as he can live without her, but not without his daughter. Anupama is in agony and screams in pain. Anuj and Anupama both sink into the depths of loneliness. Anupama believes that everything is over. Kanta encourages Anupama to live her life and move forward. However, Anupama locks herself in a room and collapses in despair. Bhavesh questions how Anuj could say something like this, but Kanta explains that she only repeated what Anuj had told her. Kanta reveals that she has seen Anuj’s love for Anupama in his eyes but refrained from telling Anupama the truth as she did not want to give her false hope. Bhavesh still has hope that Anuj will return

Kanta advises Anupama to stop waiting for Anuj and attempts to console her. Hasmukh is concerned for Anupama and asks Kavya to call Anuj so he can speak to him. Kanta and Bhavesh become worried when Anupama does not respond to their calls and do not open the door. Kinjal also calls Anupama and her family members but no one picks up. Vanraj becomes anxious and fears the worst as he had seen Anupama earlier that day and sensed that she was not doing well. He expresses his desire to support her in her difficult times, but Hasmukh warns him to stay away from Anupama and let her family take care of her. Hasmukh also assures Vanraj that everything will be okay between Anuj and Anupama

Despite the warning, Vanraj cannot stop thinking about Anupama. Bhavesh breaks down the door to find Anupama injured and upset. Anupama expresses that she is tired of fighting and feels that she did not receive anything in return for her sacrifices for the Shah family. She believes that her family has now shattered for the second time, causing her to lose hope. Kanta encourages her to keep going and not to give up, reminding her that she is Anupama and can overcome any challenge. Anupama becomes motivated to live her life on her own terms and make the most of it

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