Anupama 3rd June 2023 Written Update Kavya revelation. Anupama shows the brooches of the team Dulhewala. She asks Samar how did he like it. The family gets impressed by Anupama, and they wear the brooches. Leela gives the gifts to Samar. He tells that Dimpy will need the silver gifts. Anupama tells that they will dance well in the baraat today. The family dances with Samar. Anupama gets emotional. Hasmukh tells Anupama that he knows it will be tough for her to go to the Kapadia mansion. He asks her to come to him to talk and share anything. Anupama wants to just think of Samar’s happiness. Dimpy gets ready as the bride and feels the journey won’t be easy for her. Barkha agrees with her.

She tells that she is with Dimpy. She asks Dimpy not to become a good Bahu because Shahs don’t deserve it. She gives examples of Anupama, Kavya, and Kinjal. She advises Dimpy not to give up on Leela, and always stay strong. She brainwashes her against Leela. Anuj thinks to fulfill his responsibility and make Dimpy wear the evil eye bracelet. Barkha asks Dimpy not to repeat her mistakes. She tells that Kinjal’s kindness will harm Dimpy. She asks Dimpy to keep Samar under her control, he is sweet and innocent, he would be won by love and then the family would come under her control. Dimpy doesn’t want to tell Samar to leave his family

Anupama 3rd June 2023 Written Update Kavya revelation – Tallyupdates

She decides to take him away from his family. Barkha asks her to always remember it, there is nobody to stand against you, it’s Shahs versus Dimpy and she has to win. Anuj reaches them. Barkha tells him that Dimpy was missing his family. Anuj gives her the bracelet and asks her to wear it to get saved from evil sight. Anuj blesses Dimpy and gives her big hopes. He asks her to keep everyone happy, and not fight anyone. Maya wants to see how long Anuj runs away from her love. Anupama, Samar and everyone dance and take the baraat to Kapadia house. Vanraj rushes to keep the money. Kavya goes to him

Vanraj tells her that it’s a big happiness for parents to see their children reach the milestones in their lives. He tells that she won’t understand this. He apologizes to her. She tells that she will also understand it now, because of her pregnancy, they are going to become parents. Vanraj is shocked to know about it. Adhik and Barkha are worried about the glitch in accounts. Maya tells Anuj that she has handled everything. Barkha asks Anuj and Maya if they will attend the marriage and go back to Mumbai. Anuj tells that he won’t go until Anupama goes to America. Ankush asks Anuj to handle his business. Maya tells Anuj that the business needs him and they should stay back. Barkha gets worried. She taunts Anuj for giving Anupama’s place to Maya

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd May 2023 bhagya lakshmi today full episode

Anuj tells that nobody can take Anupama’s place in his house and heart. Maya wants to win him by keeping patience. Vanraj asks Kavya why didn’t she tell him. She tells that she has no expectations from him and didn’t want him to think that she is using the child to gain sympathy from him. She doesn’t like to compromise when he doesn’t want to take responsibility. She wants love for her child. She apologizes to him. She tells that just Anupama knows about the good news. She forgets their issues. She thanks Vanraj for giving her a child, who has given her a reason to live happily. Vanraj gets emotional and thinks of his baby

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd May 2023 bhagya lakshmi today full episode

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