Anupama 19th June 2023 Written Update Frenzied Maya. Maya loses her mind when she imagines Anuj and Anupama romancing. Leela and their family condemn Dimpy for supporting Maya. Dimpy insults Pakhi for always being an attention seeker. Pakhi asks her how can she take advantage of Anupama’s goodness. She scolds her for crossing limits. Dimpy asks Pakhi why she comes home when Adhik and her relationship are going okay. Kinjal asks them to stop arguing. Vanraj is also fed up just like Leela, who calls it enough. Leela knew that things will go wrong once Dimpy comes home. Anuj feels it’s clear Maya can become a threat to Anu and anyone. He wants to admit Maya to a recovery center. He is ready to wait for more years for Anupama. He doesn’t want to be with Maya

YRKKH 19th June 2023 Written Update Muskaan accused

Leela angrily asks Dimpy to leave the house when the latter accuses her of the fights. Anupama speaks to Kanta. She tells that she has a lot of work and she can’t think of Anuj. Kanta asks her not to go to the Shah family to handle them. Anupama tells that he has to go for Samar and Dimpy. Leela tells that Dimpy is very clever. Anupama asks her to make some sweets to uplift her mood. Kanta agrees to make her favorite halwa. Leela asks Dimpy to leave and take Samar along if he wants to be with her. She calls her house becoming hell because of Dimpy. Dimpy tells that the house was always hell. She misbehaves with Leela.

The family is in shock seeing Dimpy’s loose talks. Leela accuses Leela to be the reason behind all the major issues in the family. She refuses to go anywhere. She asks Leela to give respect to her if she wants respect back. She tells that Leela’s rule is over now. Vanraj tells that nobody can speak to his mother like that. He lectures Samar for letting Leela get insulted by Dimpy. He asks Samar and Dimpy to sort out their problems with the family. He also commands him to leave the house. The neighbors come there to watch the drama. They feel Anupama left the family and they lost their happiness. Dimpy refuses to leave the house.

Leela tells that she will leave when she is the root of all the problems. The family stops Leela. Leela asks Vanraj not to stop her. She leaves the house. Maya gets frenzied when she finds Anuj and Anupama uniting and making plans for their happy future. She tells that Anuj is just her. Anuj hugs Anupama in front of Maya. They tell Maya that they will send Maya to a mental care center and then keep Anu with them. They laugh at her. Maya tells that this won’t happen. She thinks to apologize to Anuj and stop him from going to Anupama

YRKKH 17th June 2023 Written Update Insecure Abhinav

Anupama finds Leela sitting at a roadside. She asks Leela what is she doing there. Leela hugs her and cries. She tells Anupama that her house got ruined because of Dimpy, who has crossed limits. She doesn’t want to go back home. She prefers to go to an ashram and stay in peace. Anupama sympathizes with her. Anuj counts the days of Anupama’s US trip. Anupama thinks of handling the issues in the Shah family before leaving for the US.

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