Anupama 13th June 2023 Written Update Anupama stuns Malti. Anupama refuses to Leela. She tells that she can’t come. Leela taunts her to be just Malti’s heir than Samar’s mother. She asks Anupama to go and neglect her duties. She tells that Anupama should handle Dimpy. She favors Kinjal. She doesn’t like Dimpy and is afraid that she won’t be able to handle her. She tells that she can see just destruction in Dimpy. She predicts that Dimpy will break their marriage. She cries and tells Anupama that she will die if anything wrong happens. Anupama understands her fear. She tells that she has to reach Gurukul at 10 am and fulfill her dreams.

She wants Leela to understand her. She asks Leela to give time to Dimpy and make relations better. Leela tells that puja will be complete anyway, but she wants to count on Anupama. She deeply misses Anupama. Dimpy overhears Leela and Anupama’s conversation about her. Anupama overcomes her dilemma and makes a decision. She chooses her responsibility over love. She calls Anuj and tells him that she is sorry. She informs him that she can’t come to meet him because she chose responsibility over love just like he did on the day of Maya’s accident. He tells that he understands her and he will wait for her. He respects her decision

On the other hand, Samar plans a romantic setup for Dimpy. He thinks to surprise Dimpy with a flower shower, but Leela arrives there to talk to him. She gets his wonderful surprise. She comments on his romance. Paritosh and Kinjal come to ask Leela to leave Samar and Dimpy alone. Leela asks Samar to go out while she talks to Dimpy. Leela and Dimpy taunt each other. Leela gives her a gift. Dimpy gets upset when Leela asks her to keep their distance from Samar on the first night

YRKKH 13th June 2023 Written Update Outburst

Leela tells that Anupama has no time to teach her things. She asks Dimpy to learn things from Kinjal also. Leela asks Samar not to stay with Dimpy before the puja. Dimpy tells that it’s her first night. Leela asks her to come into her room and sleep. Samar tells Dimpy that he loves her a lot. She tells that she doesn’t like this drama. He tells that it’s tough for him to stay away but he can’t get adamant in front of elders’ command. He asks her to hug him and go. She comes across Kinjal and vents her anger over Leela’s decision. Kinjal tells that elders aren’t wrong always.

She asks Dimpy to see Leela’s fears instead her anger. She defends Leela’s behavior. Dimpy tells that Anupama and Kinjal are nice, but she doesn’t want to become nice like them. She doesn’t want to become Anupama or Kinjal. She asks Kinjal what did she get by adjusting to Shah’s house. She objects that the family gave a small room to Samar and her. Kinjal fears problems coming up because of Dimpy. Kanta asks Anupama to stick to her decision and not pay attention to anyone. Anupama relieves her. Maya remembers Anuj’s words and is upset. Malti thinks over her decision. Anuj wishes the best for Anupama. Anupama makes a wish for herself. She wants to live up to Malti’s expectations. Anupama arrives at the press conference. She stuns Malti with her replies to the media reporters. Malti and Anupama perform. Anuj’s arrival makes Malti tense.

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