Anupama 12th June 2023 Written Update Anuj’s apt reply. Samar and Dimpy are disgusted with Kavya’s good news. They object to it. Anupama takes a stand for Vanraj and Kavya. She tells that they shall have no problem. Samar fears that society will laugh at them. Paritosh tells that people will not know about it if Kavya doesn’t stay with them. Vanraj tells that Kavya will not go anywhere because of society’s fear. He just wants to think that Kavya and he would have a baby. Kavya tells that everyone will take some time in accepting this, it’s embarrassing for everyone and they shall keep the news under wraps. Anupama finds her decision wrong. Vanraj tells that he wants to raise the child with her, and she can come anytime she wants.

Leela tells Anupama that she has to tolerate Dimpy after Anupama goes away. Anupama feels saddened. Leela asks her to leave. Anuj thinks of Anupama. He plays their videos and confesses love to her. He misses her. Maya confronts him. She asks him why was he after Anupama. He tells that he has already told her what Anupama means to him. She lashes out at him. She tells that she knows he loves Anupama. She wants to know what’s special in Anupama. She tells that she also loves him, but he doesn’t see her. She doesn’t understand how Anupama trusts him and manages to stay so calm. Anuj tells that Anupama has faith in him and he will respect it. She asks if Anupama doesn’t come back. Anuj gives her an apt reply. He tells that his love is mutual, and nobody can come between them. He adds that he can live waiting for her, but won’t let anyone else come between them

Anupama 12th June 2023 Written Update Anuj’s apt reply

Meanwhile, Kanta asks Anupama if she is ready to go away from Anuj and Kanta, and take up the big responsibility of Gurukul. She doesn’t think it will be easy for Anupama. Anupama replies that she has no other way and she has to make the most of this golden chance given by Malti. She tells that she has got clarity from Anuj and her heart has come to a calm now. She is afraid that she might break Malti’s trust. She tells that she will keep her responsibility, and also hold her relations along. Anuj calls up Anupama and asks her if she has reached home. She tells that she is at Kanta’s place. She asks if he wants to say something. He tells that he has to ask her something. He asks if they can meet tomorrow.

He tells that he wanted to meet her because she would be leaving for the US in a few days. He asks her to refuse if she doesn’t want to meet him. She agrees to meet him. He tells that they will meet at 10 am. They talk and feel the distance between them. They turn sad. Next, Malti calls Anupama. Anupama tells Anuj about an important call and ends their talk. Anuj misses her a lot. Anupama asks Malti if everything is okay. Malti knows Anupama was talking to Anuj on call

YRKKH 12th June 2023 Written Update Manjiri arrives

She asks him to remember, Anuj is left behind and now just his gifted ghungroos can accompany her. She adds about the press conference organized to disclose Anupama’s name as Malti Devi’s heir. Anupama gets a huge surprise. Anuj sends Anupama and his pictures. Anupama smiles seeing the pictures. Malti asks Anupama not to break her trust, and be there on time. Anupama gets confused and has to think of Anuj’s love and Malti’s trust. Leela calls Anupama and invites her home at the same time for Samar and Dimpy’s first post-marriage function. Dimpy creates a scene in the family. Anupama apologizes to Anuj and refuses to meet him.

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