5 Huge twists in Anupama YRKKH Imlie Pandya Store. Anupama’s life is going to take a new turn. She wants to enjoy and celebrate her life’s every moment, because Samar’s wedding is the last chance for her to stay happy with Anuj. She feels its very difficult for her to go away, but she has to go to follow her dreams. Anuj eases out Anupama’s dilemma by making a sweet and amazing love confession to her. Anuj expresses his feelings, and relieves a bit of her sorrow. Anupama doesn’t want to remember their bitter memories. She wants their love story to always stay happening.

She makes good memories with Anuj, and decides to go to the US for three years. Anuj decides to wait for Anupama’s return. He promises to never accept Maya or anyone else in his life. He professes his love to Anupama and also commits to love only her. He welcomes her in his house and tells that his house and everything will belong to her always. Maya and Anupama get into a war of words, and challenge each other about their rights over Anuj.


Jahaan tells Ilahi that they will begin their new life with a surprise. He blindfolds her and takes her to the wedding altar. She gets a huge shock to see Jahaan missing, and Jordan coming as her groom. Jordan tells Ilahi that he is her life and her world from now. He says welcome to hell and shocks Ilahi. Ilahi sees Jordan and his family surrounding her. Ilahi will get married to Jordan, instead Jahaan. Jahaan will learn about his roots, that he belongs to the Mehta family.


Imlie accuses Atharv for choosing Chini over her. He tells that Imlie is responsible for this. He adds that he won’t stay back in the house with her. His mom advises them to take divorce, if they have never ending issues. Imlie and Atharv agree to get divorced. They try to cheer up Kairi. Chini realizes that Imlie has become a part of Kairi’s life. Kairi wants Imlie to be with her always. Imlie promises to be with her.

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Shiva takes Raavi with him when she insists him to drop her at the temple. Raavi plans their kidnapping to recreate their old memories. She wants to revive his memory. She knows that once Shiva gets his memory back, he won’t marry Arushi. Shiva and Raavi get kidnapped by the goons. Raavi asks the goons if Dev and Rishita have sent them. The goons tell that they don’t know Dev and Rishita. Raavi is shocked to realize that the goons are real and the kidnapping is also real. Raavi and Shiva fall into a big trouble. She wishes that his memory comes back. Shiva’s memory will come back in the coming track. Dev and Dhara kidnap Malti and Arushi.

YRKKH Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Kairav expresses his love to Muskaan, and the latter disapproves the proposal by stating the lack of trust in their relationship. Abhimanyu and Abhinav have a clash of opinion about Kairav and Muskaan’s relationship. Abhinav gets diverted from Kairav’s matter, and gets talking about Akshara and his relationship. He admits that he can risk his life, respect and everything for the relationship he worships from his heart. Akshara doesn’t want them to argue. The trio gets worried when they find Abhir overhearing their conversation. Abhir doesn’t like to see his dad and doc man fighting.

Kairav meets Abhinav and Neela to convince them for an approval. Abhinav doesn’t give his consent. Akshara calls him wrong to not trust Kairav. She wants him to think of Muskaan’s happiness. Abhimanyu wants to help Kairav, because he knows the pain of losing his love. He doesn’t want any loved one to go through the same pain and suffer in his life. Akshara is surprised to see a good chance in him

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