1 Huge twist in Bhagya Lakshmi changes the track. Rishi learns Vikrant’s evil truth and decides to stop Lakshmi’s engagement. He gets hell-bent to throw out Vikrant from her life. Rishi loves Lakshmi and feels responsible to protect her happiness. Vikrant plays a big move and makes the initiative to make his engagement possible. Ayush misleads Vikrant and asks him to leave. He tells that Lakshmi has refused the engagement. Vikrant doesn’t believe him and barges into the Oberoi mansion. Karishma tells that they were waiting for Vikrant because Lakshmi is ready for the engagement. Vikrant tells that he hopes Rishi’s misunderstanding got cleared and he is ready to apologize to him. Rishi refuses to apologize.

Vikrant tells Lakshmi that their relationship will break and they will suffer if he walks out, so he doesn’t want their relationship to break because of someone else, he wants it to form forever. He is ready to forget everything and get engaged to Lakshmi. Anjana is glad about his decision. She doesn’t want to lose Lakshmi. She tells that they shall not wait and get ahead with the engagement. Rishi leaves in a rage and throws the things in the corridor. He tells that he will not let Lakshmi and Vikrant’s engagement happen. He swears to stop Lakshmi’s marriage with Vikrant

YRKKH 16th June 2023 Written Update Abhira union

Radha Mohan

Kadambari calls Radha auspicious for Mohan. She tells that Radha is Mohan’s peace. The family likes to see Mohan peacefully sleeping when Radha is with him. Radha cares for him. Kadambari blesses them. Damini tells that she will kill Radha very soon. She decides on a date to kill Radha and ruin her happiness. Later, Radha is permitted to go home. Mohan completes the discharge formalities. Mohan comes to the ward to pick up Radha. He asks her if she is ready. He finds her changing and turns away. She seeks his help. Kadambari confronts Damini and wants to know if Damini tried to kill Radhe. She asks if Damini had locked Radha in the cold storage. Damini and Kaveri grow tense.


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